Mine2Market is a global company bringing mining ventures, mining juniors, mining major projects, investors and; financial markets together in a integrated service which facilitates mine projects, and facilitates the raising of finance.

Mine2Market has a history of delivering marketable products to the commodities market, at competitive rates, by upgrading metal and minerals from sub-market discards.

The services outlined in this website cover the areas of:

  • Beneficiation of refractory gold and copper and other base metal from mine dumps.
  • Design and build mineral flotation, crush and milling, and other process equipment.
  • Melting and refining of metal and mineral concentrates to usable commodities.
  • Metal concentrate off-take agreements

Other services available through Mine2Market include:

  • Process Design and Engineering
  • Project Evaluation and Financing

About Us

Worldwide activities have been operating since 1993, in gold, metallurgical coal, reclamation of residue gold, copper, and other metals.

We have been designing and building metallurgical process and melting plants with current operations Africa and Australasia expanding into larger and more diverse residue dumps.

For the above processes we have been hedging metal exposure risk. We trade within niche markets of sub-market concentrates into melting and processing areas across the world.

Under logistics, our operations include:

  • road
  • rail
  • port
  • bonded warehousing
  • storage
  • documentation
  • export licenses
  • customs clearances
  • containerisation
  • quality control
  • metal accounting
  • provisional and final assaying
  • real time monitoring and execution of deliveries

Financial Services:

  • trade finance
  • lines of credit
  • investment and processing and required process infrastructure
  • off shore structuring of finances
  • hedging of risk


Contact Us

John Gibbon

Mine2Market Limited

+447478688345 (mobile)

+61429927782 (Direct)